UK Watchdog Says Meta Offers To Limit Use Of Ad Data

On Friday, the competition watchdog of Britain stated that Meta, the social media giant, proposed to restrict its utilization of advertising data from other businesses for its Facebook Marketplace service as a measure to tackle the regulator’s competition worries.

According to Reuters, the CMA has expressed its inclination to approve the commitments, which involve giving advertisers the option to not allow their data to be utilized for enhancing the Facebook Marketplace classified ads platform.

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According to Michael Grenfell, the executive director of enforcement at CMA, mitigating the risk of Meta exploiting business data for competitive gain may benefit UK advertisers on the platform.

“We are now consulting on these commitments which we believe, at this stage, will address our concerns.”

The CMA provided an illustration of Meta’s ability to use ad engagement data from Facebook to determine a user’s interest in trainers, which could potentially impact the shoe listings shown to that user on Facebook Marketplace.