The International Competition Network at Ten: Origins, Accomplishments and Aspirations

Paul Lugard, Jul 14, 2011

Since its inception in 2001, the International Competition Network (ICN) has achieved remarkable results. Currently uniting 114 competition authorities from both developed and developing countries, the ICN has contributed significantly to the harmonization and convergence of global procedural and substantive antitrust law and policy.

The ICN substantially contributes to increasing international cooperation in the field of cartels and to a more uniform treatment of anticompetitive unilateral conduct by dominant companies. Moreover, the ICN has stimulated competition authorities to streamline procedures and build up capacity, resources, and knowledge to adequately review mergers in a multi-jurisdictional environment.

This publication brings together a number of essays on the origins, accomplishments, and aspirations of the ICN by leading competition policy authorities, private sector lawyers, and academics. This compilation of their factual, analytical, and critical essays offers valuable insights into the functioning of the ICN, its accomplishments, its key-success factors, the obstacles it has faced, and possible future directions. As such, this collection offers a wealth of information and insights for private practitioners and competition agency officials, as well as government officials and academics.

This collection represents not only a testimony to the contribution the ICN has already made to national international competition policy practice, but is also an expression of our confidence that the ICN will continue to do so for many years to come.

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