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The Price Helix in Inframarginal Perspective

By: Ramsi Woodcock (What Am I Missing?) Did corporate greed cause the current inflation? The answer is most likely yes. However, did monopoly contribute to...
Competition Policy in Times of Inflation

Competition Policy in Times of Inflation

By Richard May & Antonio Capobianco1   After years of appearing low and stable in many countries, inflation has recently risen across the developed world. The...
How Biden Can Rein In The Big Meat Monopoly

When Beefing Up Competition Bleeds at Consumers’ Misfortune

By: Aurelien Portuese (Schumpeter Project on Competition Policy) President Biden announced a billion-dollar plan to beef up competition in the meat processing industry this week to reduce price...

Canada: HBC denies deceptive pricing accusations from watchdog

Hudson's Bay is denying allegations of deceptive pricing practices from Canada's competition watchdog. The Competition Bureau issued a statement Tuesday alleging HBC offered mattresses and...
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