Recent Developments in Brazilian Competition Law and Policy

Paulo Leonardo Casagrande, Caio Mario da Silva Pereira Neto, Jul 14, 2010

Nowadays, Brazil is considered an increasingly sophisticated jurisdiction in competition law matters. The Brazilian competition authorities are internationally recognized for a strong and creative cartel enforcement program and their efforts to streamline merger review procedures. They are also respected in other parts of the government, by the courts, and by the business community.

More recently, the Brazilian competition agencies have been implementing some very important initiatives to further increment the effectiveness of their enforcement activities. New investigative techniques, increased co-operation with criminal and foreign enforcement agencies, better working methods, and enhanced transparency are just some of these initiatives.

The present article aims at providing a brief summary of such recent developments. In order to do so, it will focus on the following topics: (i) institutional aspects of the Brazilian competition policy; (ii) recent antitrust policy developments; and (iii) summary of conclusions and legislative discussions.