Montana Gov To Expand Bill Banning TikTok To Other Social Media Platforms

According to the WSJ, the amended language of the bill would exempt app stores from liability for offering potentially banned social media apps like TikTok in the state. The bill to ban TikTok is currently awaiting Gov. Gianforte’s signature and, if signed, would take effect on January 1.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte has sent proposed changes related to TikTok to the state legislature for approval in order to expedite the process, according to an email reviewed by the WSJ.

According to the WSJ, Gianforte intends to modify his TikTok bill (SB 419) to encompass all social media platforms that furnish specific information to foreign opponents.

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“The amendment for consideration seeks to improve the bill by broadening Montanans’ privacy protections beyond just TikTok and against all foreign adversaries, while also addressing the bill’s technical and legal concerns,” a spokesperson for the governor’s office told the WSJ.

It’s unclear what other social media apps may be banned in Montana via the expanded legislation.