Meta Unveils A-team Focused On Artificial Intelligence

Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive of Meta Platforms, has announced the launch of a new product group centered on generative artificial intelligence (AI). 
This move by Meta Platforms not only signals increased investment in AI but is also an indication that they are looking to capitalize on the growing demand for AI-powered products.

As the tech industry continues to face slowing growth and job cuts, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a bright spot for investments.

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“We’re starting by pulling together a lot of the teams working on generative AI across the company into one group focused on building delightful experiences around this technology,” Zuckerberg said in an Instagram post.

“Over the longer term, we’ll focus on developing AI personas that can help people in a variety of ways,” Zuckerberg said, but for now “we’re exploring experiences with text (chat in WhatsApp and Messenger), with images (creative Instagram filters and ad formats), and with video and multi-modal experiences.”

The new product team will report to Chris Cox, Meta’s chief product officer, a company spokesperson confirmed. This will enable Meta to more rapidly implement the AI research team’s findings in Meta’s products, the spokesperson said.