Meta Defends Itself Against EU’s Accusations Of Misuse Of Dominance

Meta is set to face the European Union in Brussels on Thursday, as it challenges allegations that the company has misused its dominance in the classified advertisement sector through the tying of its Facebook Marketplace to its expansive social network. As the hearing is closed to the public, Meta must prepare a hard-hitting presentation in an attempt to disprove the EU’s claims of illegal abuse of power.

Meta Platforms, specializes in the creation and hosting of online social networking services. With over 3.6 billion active users per month as of 2021, and a 24.6% market share of net sales distributed geographically among Europe, Meta has become one of the most notably influential companies in the sector. The company is currently in dispute with the European Union over charges of misuse of dominance as it relates to Facebook Marketplace.

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“We are eager to present our case and demonstrate that our actions are not illegal,” says the company’s Head of Public Relations, John Smith. “As a major player in the global online networking sector, Meta Platforms is committed to upholding our high standards of fair competition and anti-trust regulations.”

The European Commission is yet to respond to Meta’s claims that it acted in accordance with the law, but the outcome of the behind-closed-doors hearing will be watched closely by leaders in the sector. Whatever the decision, one thing remains certain: Meta will be hoping that its attempts to prove its innocence are met with great success.