Epic Games Claim Google Not Keeping With India Order

American company Epic Games has accused internet giant Google of not complying with some of the requirements imposed by a recent antitrust directive. Epic is claiming that the tech giant has failed to host the gaming company’s app store on Google’s proprietary Google Play Store app.

Epic has said Google will still not allow third-party app stores on Google’s Play Store app. Them doing so violates a part of a Competition Commission of India (CCI) directive that requires Google to do so.

The practice of ‘skipping’ the major app store and purchasing apps directly from the publisher is called “sideloading” and allows apps to be downloaded without going through the official Play Store.

Epic’s own app store, Epic Games Store, offers games and other apps for download. The company claims it has been “adversely affected” by Google’s noncompliance.

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Earlier this year Google lost a legal fight with the CCI, where the search engine said it would make changes to its Android operating system, including stopping its practice of forcing device makers to pre-install a bouquet of Google apps such as YouTube or Chrome.

Epic Games has claimed in a filing that Google has not complied with a part of the CCI directive.