Competition Outreach and Advocacy When All the World Is Your Stage: The ICN Experience

Maria Coppola, Aug 28, 2012

For the International Competition Network (“ICN”), a virtual organization with 123 of the world´s competition agencies as members and many more non-governmental advisors (“NGAs”), one of the biggest challenges the network faces is outreach. Part II of this article describes ICN’s principal outreach tools and techniques, and provides an opportunity for readers to share ideas about other methods the network should pursue.

Competition advocacy was one of the first areas of competition law and policy the ICN addressed when it was formed in 2001. Since then, most of the ICN’s work on advocacy has been aimed at providing tools and learning so that its members can engage in effective domestic advocacy, as surveyed in part III of this article. More recently, however, the ICN’s competition advocacy work is reaching out to a new audience, as described in the final section.

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