Yvonne Hsieh

Yvonne is a Senior Counselor at Lee and Li where she focuses her practice on merger and acquisition, international investment, antitrust filing, securities investment and telecommunication and broadcasting. Yvonne has been working at Lee and Li for more than 20 years and has many years of experiences in the mergers and acquisitions sector, especially on privatization of public listed companies, including Fairchild's acquisition of System General, CDIBH's acquisition of KGI Securities, Synopsys' acquisition of Springsoft, Vishay's acquisition of Capella Microsystems, ASML's acquisition Hermes Microvision, JSR's acquisition of Crown Bioscience, Shin Kong Financial Holding's acquisition of MasterLink Securities, KKR's acquisition of LCY and Hitachi's acquisition of Yung Tay Engineering. Yvonne also assisted many private equity funds for their investment in Taiwan, including Carlyle's disposition of its shares in TBC to Macquarie, Carlyle's acquisition and disposition of EBC and Carlyle's disposition of Kbro shares to Ta-Fu Media, which are the major transactions involving cable television business. Yvonne is also specialized in the anti-trust matters. She has substantial experiences in handling merger filing cases for multi-national companies and advised many clients on the cartel and unfair competitions investigations.

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