Oluwatobi Ogundele

Tobi Ogundele completed her Masters in Economics degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in South Africa. Her research examined international migration theories and their relevance in explaining inter-African migration. Before that, she obtained Bachelor of Commerce and BSc (honours first class) degrees in Economics, specializing in human capital formation and the importance of health and education as drivers of economic growth. Her bachelor’s research focused on the impact of emigration, tagged ‘brain drain’ on growth in Nigeria. Her current research interest is in exploring and understanding the interconnectedness and effect of health, migration and global governance policies that shape migrants’ livelihoods within their social perimeter, including origin and destination countries.

Prior to her Master of International Public Policy studies, Tobi worked professionally in South Africa as a healthcare researcher at the Health Economics & HIV/AIDS Research Division (HEARD) of UKZN and as a competition policy analyst at the Competition Commission of South Africa. She enjoys reading and teaching and works as a proof reader/copy editor in her spare time.

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