Marc Barennes

Marc Barennes is a co-founder and partner with bureau Brandeis Paris. He benefits from a unique experience in the fields of competition litigation, EU litigation and litigation finance.

Over the course of the past 20 years, he has been acting in the field of competition law in Paris, Brussels and Luxembourg successively as a defense lawyer with a US law firm, a European Commission official, a senior EU Court of Justice advisor (référendaire) and a senior executive and board member of a company specialized in bringing damages claims.

In his various roles, Marc has been involved in all the assessment, management, investigative, administrative, and judicial stages of some of the most high-profile cartel, abuse of dominance and State aid procedures in Europe.

In the public antitrust enforcement field, Marc has first-hand experience in advocating, enforcing, managing, litigating or settling high-stake antitrust, cartel, State aid, and merger cases before the antitrust agencies and courts.

In the private antitrust enforcement field, he has acquired specific experience in assessing, funding, aggregating, and managing individual and collective damages claims before the courts in several jurisdictions in Europe.

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