Julie Clarke

Julie Clarke is a Professor in Competition Law in the Melbourne Law School, Director of the Global Competition and Consumer and Associate Dean (Digital Technologies).

Julie’s primary research and teaching interests are in the areas of competition, consumer and contract law, with a particular focus on mergers, misuse of market power and cartels.

Julie is also a passionate teacher and is particularly interested in the use of online technologies to support and enhance teaching and learning outcomes. In 2009 Julie received a national citation for outstanding contribution to student learning through an innovative approach to the use of online technology, exemplary student support and contemporary curriculum resources. More recently she was part of a team awarded the Norman Curry Award for Innovation and Excellence. Her website, Australian Competition Law, disseminates information and commentary about competition law and policy in Australia.

Prior to joining the Melbourne Law School in 2017, Julie was an Associate Professor at Deakin University, where she had served as the (inaugural) Director of the online Deakin Juris Doctor program, Director of Teaching, LLB Program Director and Interim Head of the Deakin Law School. Between 2011-2014 she was also a project leader for the Associate Law Deans Network (now the Legal Education Associate Deans network).

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